High School Equivalency Testing

Has getting your high school equivalency diploma (formerly known as "GED") always been one of your goals, but you’ve never gotten around to it, or never found the time? 

Now is the time! The Career Center offers you the chance to make that dream come true. No need to feel intimidated even though there is a new high school equivalency diploma exam now called High School Equivalency Test (HiSET).
To get started, just call the front desk to set up an appointment for an assessment with Elizabeth Byrne. Appointments are usually held on Tuesday afternoons in Northampton (413) 586-6506, and Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in Greenfield at (413) 774-4361.

After the assessment, we can determine whether you are ready to go ahead and take the HiSET exam, whether you will need to attend classes, or whether you might just need extra help in one or two subjects. We can help you with registration for the test and get you started, or help you sign up for classes at our Greenfield Office or one of the other adult education programs in the area, such as The Literacy Project. You can also take the HiSET Practice Tests here at the site.

Annette Kilminster, our Adult Education teacher, offers classes from 9:00am to 12:15pm, Monday through Thursday in the Greenfield Career Center office (Yes, even during the summer!) 
The class is small, relaxed and tailored to fit the needs of each individual student –whatever your age or however long you have been out of school. If you just need a brush-up in one or two subjects like the math or language writing and essay, Annette also offers tutoring in the afternoons by appointment, though sometimes you can attend just the math/or language portion of the morning class. 
Stop by after classes and chat with Annette or Elizabeth. We would be pleased to put you at ease.

We realize it is a big commitment and a little scary to embark on obtaining your HiSET diploma, but you will never regret it, and it might just be the best decision you’ve ever made…

And So To College…

The Franklin Hampshire Career Center also offers a direct connection between the Career Center and GCC through April Estis-Clark, Greenfield Community College’s Career Navigator, who is stationed here at the Career Center. Please call April if you are an unemployed customer looking to return to school to further your education and increase your skills, or if you are a student and graduate who want to start the process of finding work.
April as Career Navigator can facilitate student transitions into college by assisting you through college admissions processes, including financial aid, Accuplacer testing and advising.

April Estis-Clark can be reached at (413) 774 4361 ext. 354 at the Career Center and at EstisClarkA@gcc.mass.edu

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